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The Perfect Kick Trainer

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The Perfect Kick Trainer is the strongest and most durable sport kick trainer available. Use indoors and outdoors. One-size-fits-all.
It's FUN and EASY TO USE without chasing balls.

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Testimonials: Coaches & Parents

"My kids can play ball in the house now and their getting thousands of touches with both feet they never would have got without the Perfect Kick Trainer. Thanks Perfect Kick Trainer!"

"We love it! Our team uses it and my boys use it at home. It works fantastic!"

"I have a 13 year old girl that did not want to play soccer two weeks ago, and now is all over it and can't wait to play."

"The kids love it. The concept of so many touches in such a short amount of time is really, really good. Their using the proper technique and it stays with them so they don't have to chase it all over the place. It's a great idea, great concept."

"We got The Perfect Kick Trainer two weeks ago and the kids haven't been able to put it down. They're using both their left and right feet. Their hand eye coordination has increased tremendously. It's really improved their game and ability to dribble."

Improve Athletic Performance

Repetition is the Key!

With the Perfect Kick Trainer you'll build confidence and improve skills by getting thousands of repetitions, without chasing balls...

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Created by Dr. John Duffy

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Skill Development Made Easy

Youth skill development is made easy with The Perfect Kick Trainer. Kids will improve their skills and ball control in as little as one week. They can practice in the house and just about anywhere be developing their dribbling, juggling, passing, punting and throwing skills.

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The Perfect Gift

Looking for something for someone special? The Perfect Kick Trainer is the perfect idea!

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Great for Youth Groups & Sports Organizations

Trusted by the Best

The Perfect Kick Trainer is used by the U.S. Rugby Youth Foundation, Impact Goalkeeper Academy and by many more coaches and trainers around the world as a reliable training tool to develop skills.

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