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Soccer Skill Development Made Easy!

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Product Details

Use TrainerDoc's Perfect Kick Trainer to build confidence and improve athletic performance from the comfort of your own home. Get thousands of kicks and touches indoors and outdoors to improve your shooting, dribbling, passing, kicking, juggling, throw-ins and ball control.

Designed by Dr. John Duffy, a medical practitioner, world-class health and fitness trainer, published author, athlete, coach, and father of three active children. The Perfect Kick Trainer is used by the U.S. Rugby Youth Foundation, Impact Goalkeeper Academy and by many more coaches and trainers around the world as a reliable training tool to develop skills.

Product Features

  • Get thousands of touches without chasing the ball
  • Practice anywhere to develop shooting, dribbling, passing, kicking, juggling, throw-ins and ball control
  • Extremely durable, non-elastic, woven nylon tether with slip-on safety wrist strap
  • Easily transfer balls and fits all size soccer, rugby, and footballs

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: TrainerDoc
  • Approximate Product Dimensions: 4-foot x 1-inch nylon tether
  • Product & Shipping Weight: Less than 1 pound
  • UPC: 852667726751
  • *Ball not included

Why Choose the Perfect Kick Trainer?

  • Extremely durable, unlike many elastic kick trainers
  • Ships new
  • We're committed to making sure you're satisfied with your purchase

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